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Larry Amplification Wrecky 30

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 Larry Wrecky 30

As far as circuit design and chassis lay-out, I opted for the same concept as with my previous Wrecky 35 model. This new amplifier is once again not my own brainchild but rather based on the ideas of the late and grate Ken Fisher(RIP)just like the 35 model was. 
Being far from just another Trainwreck-inspired clone, the amp pays tribute to the legendary Trainwreck “Liverpool” amplifier by Ken Fisher.
With the new Wrecky 30 being the more gentle sibling and sharing the looks of the Wrecky 35 model, which is in turn my tribute to Ken’s Trainwreck “Express” model, it cannot be distinguished at first glance from its predecessor. Only the power tube compartment indicates differences in tone. Due to manifold similarities I would recommend reading the Wrecky 35 manual first as I will outline only the differences between both amps.
Sharing the same controls, the new model features a different power amp section, which is now driven by four EL84s instead of two EL34s, this time running at lower voltages and being cathodebiased as opposed to the fixed-bias EL34 model, thus resulting in a somewhat bluesier tone that can be described as mellow and more mid-focused. A very fat and more complex midrange paired with silky-smooth high end will result in utmost joy for any discerning blues disciple.
Posthumous, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude and my deepest respect for Ken’s genius in creating this simple but nevertheless brilliant amp design based on the idea of including as many components as necessary but at the same time using as few as possible!
I am confident and I firmly believe that I have pursued Ken’s legacy in a respectful and proficient manner by creating my own incarnation of his legendary “Liverpool” amp. Unfortunately, I will not be able to ask him for his permission, but I am feeling deep inside he is sitting somewhere up there looking benevolently and with a little pride at my humble tribute to his ingenious work.


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